Multi-Brand Retailers & Department Stores

Be the ultimate destination of your categories 

Being a category leader means your customers would expect a wide range of products under your categories, rely on your expertise to find the right products, and choose the purchase channels & fulfilment methods they prefer. 

CLEARomni for Brands & Retailers

How CLEARomni can help

Orchestration engine for different aspects of multi-channel & omni-channel selling


Sell in and 3rd Party Marketplaces

CLEARomni has pre-built connectors with major eCommerce platforms and 3rd party marketplaces, giving you the flexibility to sell in different channels.


Seller Center for Seller On-Boarding & Management

CLEARomni Seller Center and APP enables sellers to manage all day-to-day operations from product management, inventory update, order fulfilment, payment settlement, etc.


Multi-Seller Order Fulfilment

CLEARomni can handle a sales order splitting by multi-seller or custom logic,  into multiple fulfilment orders for each seller.  Vendors or fulfilment parties can manage the order fulfilment directly at CLEARomni or through integration with their own systems.


Omni-Channel Order Fulfilment

CLEARomni has comprehensive O2O order management capability, such as Click & Collect, Ship from Store, Return In-Store, etc.


Centralized Product Management

Integrated with CLEARomni PIM, sellers can create and manage their product information and pricing directly at CLEARomni Seller Center.  Product enrichment, preview and approval workflow from CLEARomni PIM helps delivering a consistent product experience.


Tailored Experience & Integration

With rich capability, open API and ability to customize for your specific needs, CLEARomni enables you to create tailored customer experience and operating workflow with little limitations.

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